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July 7th, 1970
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Atsushi Tajima

Vice President
Takeshi Sano

 Tokyo Video Center (TVC) has been making documentaries, factual programs and sports shows for more than 40 years. We have produced dozens of talented filmmakers and have received a great number of prizes and international awards for our documentaries. We take particular pride in our character-driven, human-interest films, which feature protagonists that range from ordinary citizens to big-name luminaries.

JAPAN Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
NHK Global Media Service
NHK Educational
NHK Enterprise
NHK Planet
NHK international
Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS)
Fuji Television Corporation (CX)

・International Emmy Award (1999)
・International Emmy Awards Nominee(2008)
・New York Festivals International Advertising Awards Gold World Medal(2008,2009)
・Rose dOr Award Nominee (2008)
・Japan Prize Grand Prize(2008)
・ATP (Association of all Japan TV program production companies) Grand Prize (1999)(2003)(2005)

[SPORTS JAPAN / NHK World / 30min]
SPORTS JAPAN tells you everything about the exciting world of Japanese sports and martial arts with in-depth analysis and up-to-the-minute stories.
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[Medical Frontiers / NHK World / 30min]
Japan is a world leader in health care. This program explores cutting-edge Japanese medical technologies and tips for a healthy lifestyle
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[The Road to Asian Highway / NHK / 90min]
The Great Asian Highway is a network of roads crisscrossing 32 countries from Turkey to Japan. It has become the artery of Asia's transformation into an engine of world economic growth.

Tell Us about Your Life- Battlefield doctor, Tomoko Kanto(1999)
International Emmy Award, ATP Grand Prize

Dr. Kanto Tomoko is the first Japanese who is participated in “Battlefield doctor”. She went to her alma mater and told students the importance of life. Dr. Kanto asked them if there is one medicine in front of two patients, what kind of decision should doctor chose? We impressed by Student’s decision.

“Maika” The Reapers(2002)
ATP Grand Prize, Galaxy Prize , Banff TV award, Rocty prize nominee

14 hundred millions of people are acquisitive of material wealth in China. The stage is the biggest granary of China; there are two sides of people who can buy the combine harvester and poor farmers with using iron sickles. This documentary focus on how they live under circumstances of wealth inequalities.

Inheriting a Kabuki Legacy
- Ichikawa Ebizo: His Fate and Anguish(2008&2009)

New York Festivals The Arts: Gold World Medal
International Emmy Award: Nominee, Rose d'Or Awards: Nominee

This is the story about man who is fated to be a Kabuki actor. He tried to performance at the Paris Opera under emotional conflict. We can see Ebizo’s full of challenger's spirit through the scene with Danjyuro, his father and his master.

Pro Gamers: Social Outcasts or Superstars?

The world of professional video-gaming is a high stakes arena where cash prizes are worth millions, and international fame and glory await the best. But who are these pro gamers, and what does it take to become a true legend?

Daigo “The Beast” Umehara is the world’s greatest ever “Street Fighter” player. For Momichi his young rival, Daigo seems untouchable, until a tournament victory places the legend in his sights.
But what Momichi and the other challengers - Luffy from France, Justin from the USA, and GamerBee from Taiwan - are learning, Daigo knows only too well: living the game is not just about winning and losing, and victory can be as poisonous as defeat.

In the gaming world they are heroes, but in society pro gamers are still seen as social outcasts or even addicts. Three years in the making, this film profiles five young pro gamers from Japan, France, the USA and Taiwan, as they go head-to-head in tournaments around the world. From Tokyo to Las Vegas, we follow their highs and lows as they land huge sponsorship deals, attract crazy fan bases and above all, live the game …

Length 58/88 min
Format 16:9

Takao Gotsu
Kouichirou Miyagawa
Film Editer
Herbert Hunger
Original Music
Birger Clausen
Kenichi Imamura
Fumiko Shiobara
Hideki Furutani
Nobuyuki Sasaki
Executive Producers
Raita Nakajima
Atsushi Tajima
Ruby Chen

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The documentary is directed by Norhayati Kaprawi, a Muslim woman from Malaysia who has a deep admiration for neighboring Indonesia’s moderate, tolerant version of Islam. As she follows Masriyah closely throughout her day-to-day life, Kaprawi explores how Islamic societies should approach women’s rights from here on.

Lensa Srikandi (Malaysia)/Tokyo Video Center (Japan)

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Japanese International Documentary Festival
“Tokyo Docs"

Excellent Pitch Award at Tokyo Docs 2014
Director Takao Gotsu

Tokyo Docs is a documentary film festival that provides filmmakers from Japan and other parts of Asia with opportunities to develop and realize international co-productions of documentary films.
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