Grandma Idols Head to Singapore

Director: Ryo Hinohara Narrator: Jason Hancock Camera: Kouichiro Miyagawa Editor: Mayumi Tada Sound Effects: Tomoko Kaneda Marketing & Promotions:Terence Wong           Gillian Wong Producer: Ken-ichi Imamura Co-Producer: Fumiko Shiobara Executive Producers: Nobuyuki Sasaki              Hidayah Ong              Takako Hayashi

ⓒNHK | Tokyo Video Center | Mediacorp

An unlikely new group has emerged onto Japan's "Idol scene". With an average age of 84, the members of KBG84 are from the small Okinawan island of Kohama. Wearing headbands, the group excites crowds with their dynamic singing and dancing. Their concerts in Tokyo and Osaka were sold out. And they expanded overseas! Media Corp, the Singaporean broadcaster found Grandmas' singing on Youtube, and invited them for a concert! They want to discover "Why are these Grandmas so full of vitality?" Ten members of KBG84 made a long trip to Singapore and held a concert before a huge audience. What were the feedback from them?
This program looks at their way of life and find clues for the beautiful life in old age

Length 49min
Format 16:9